Who wants to go to RAEKWON at FORTUNE SOUND CLUB?

Cuz it’s competition time again with FORTUNE SOUND CHEF 2.0 and we’re taking this shit serious.

What will you WIN?:
- 4 tickets to see Raekwon at Fortune Sound Club June 16 2013
- MEET & GREET with Raekwon
- LRG prize pack
+ MORE to be announced!

What will you DO?:
1. Take a pic of yourself in the kitchen, cooking up your favourite meal or dish.
***Extra points goes to those who incorporate Raekwon, Wu-Tang, AND Fortune Sound Club in the photo!***

2. Send entries to before June 13 and we will add them to the Fortune Facebook page.

3. By June 15- the image with the most ‘likes’ and approval by the judging panel, wins! Tag your friends, go crazy!

I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconut(une)s


When They Fight, They Fight by Generationals on Grooveshark

Nighttiming by Coconut Records on Grooveshark

It’s like…

all the youth of Rushmore was poured into Jason Schwartzman who bongoed out in Coconut Records which morphed like so much silly putty into the Generationals. So, the Generationals is the 00’s answer to the 90’s Wes Anderson look and feel.

It’s spelled S-T-R-F-K-R

Star Quilt

Click to listen to the full album on Grooveshark

It’s like…

music to work to that won’t cause babies to cry, old folks to shudder, or co-workers to dial it down - though spelling the band name out to them just might make you smirk as they grimace.

Sping, SUMMER, Winter, Fall… New Cyril Hahn Mix

Vancouver Summer 2012

It’s like…

the way Third Beach feels.

we’re alone now


It’s like…

D’Angelo’s introverted second cousin just came of age and has decided to follow in his kin’s footsteps with his own brand of airy, moody, electronica to make babies to.




Drake - Houstatlantavegas (edit)
Jeremih - Fuck You All the Time (Shlohmo Remix)
Jeremih - 773 (Cyril Hahn 4am Bootleg)
Sau Pauler - Reflections
UZ x R Kelly - I’m a Flirt Trap (Cyril Hahn Mash Up)
Svengali - oº˚slow˚ºo
Mariah Carey - Touch My Body (Cyril Hahn Remix)
Alpines - Chances (Cyril Hahn Remix)
Stay + - Crashed (ft. Queenie)
Mount Kimbie - Carbonated
Cube Face - Tell Me
Ultraista - Smalltalk (Four Tet Remix)
Pantha du Prince - Satellite Sniper
Destiny’s Child - Say My Name (Cyril Hahn Remix)

i fucking love my friend cereal


(via papidreamz)

From Edmonton, With Love.


It’s like…

hanging out in the basement August of ‘06 with the person you *wish* was your sweetheart. But you’re both still 16 and he’s trying to explain why so-and-so’s music is especially deep and you are way too stoned for make-outs. So you listen, kinda, while counting specks on the basement ceiling tiles and just. Bliss. Out.

good night / sleep tight / don’t let the bed bugs bite / etc etc etc


It’s like…

songs for lonely sleepers by a wackload of Canadians with American friends thrown in for good spirit.

big stunna, friend cyril haan is dropping remixes left and right. treat your ears.

want more?

checkit here:

you probably don’t need me to tell you about grimes, her wonderous ascent to indie electronic pop producer royalty, ethereal vocals, the infectiousness of ‘oblivion’, or even that this video just premiered. you totally don’t need me to convince you to watch said video. but i did, and we until science discovers a way to travel back in time, i won’t take any of it back. so there.